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Collective Agreement Arbitration

Brett adjudicates disputes that arise in workplaces governed by collective agreements, including disputes which require the interpretation or application of human rights, workplace safety, employment standards, labour relations, and other legislation applicable to unionized workplaces.

Collective Agreement Mediation

Brett assists parties to achieve mutually agreeable resolutions to workplace disputes as an alternative to formal adjudication. He offers this service in tandem with or in advance of arbitration, or as a stand-alone engagement.


About Brett

Brett is an experienced labour relations neutral based in Vancouver BC. He served as Associate Chair of Mediation and Adjudication at the BC Labour Relations Board until 2024, and prior to that as a Board Vice-Chair since 2018. Before joining the Board, Brett practiced labour law in BC for over a decade. Brett has adjudicated and mediated disputes across all sectors of the economy including in the public sector, private sector, health care, construction, retail, transportation, mining, forestry, and the film industry (to name but a few). He is sincerely grateful for the insight each file provides into the working lives of those he serves.

2022 - 2024
Associate Chair

Brett served as Associate Chair of Mediation and Adjudication at the BC Labour Relations Board.

2018 -2022
Board Vice-Chair

Brett served as vice-chair of the BC Labour Relations Board.

2007 - 2018

Brett represented clients on a range of issues pertaining to labour relations in both provincial and federal jurisdictions.

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